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Cholera Outbreak

In our last issue of the 9th inst., we announced to our readers, that we, in common with the names of our citizens in West Union, believed that the dreaded cholera had done its work in this place. We were most grievously mistaken. After a cessation of a few days, (from Sunday, the 6th instant, to Wednesday, the 9th) it broke out again, with increased malignity, and, in a few days, had numbered among its victims, some of our most useful and highly esteemed citizens.

To the credit of our citizens be it said, they all remained in the place whilst the epidemic raged, and in no instance did the afflicted suffer for want of attention and assistance. The alacrity with which some of the our young men rallied to the relief of the victims of this disease, is worthy of all commendation; and to their promptness many persons in West Union, no doubt owe their lives.

Since Monday week, the 14th inst., we have had no death from cholera in this place, and probably no new case. Of those attacked on, and prior to, that day, all, except those of whose deaths we have given account, are either well, or recovering. There have been two deaths in the family of Mr. Owen, residing about three miles north of this place, his wife and daughter. A son of Mr. Hartness, grand-child of Mr. Owen, has also died. Besides these, we have heard of no other cases in the county.

SOURCE: Adams County Democrat - West Union, Adams Co OH - July 23, 1851