Adams County History & Genealogy

Adams County, Ohio Newspaper Articles

The First Signers and Taxpayers

Gen. Nathaniel Massie was anxious to effect a settlement in the Adams County area, so he offered land to the first twenty-five persons who would join him in making a settlement here. The agreement was made 01 Dec 1790. Those who signed were:
Allison, John
Andersen, Andrew
Black, John
Clark, John
Ellison, John
Ellison, Robert
Hart, Mathew
Lindsey, John
Massie, Nath'1
McCutchen, John
Nelson, Henry
Shanks, J.P.C.
Simmeral, Alien
Smith, Samuel
Stout, Thomas
Wade, George
Wade, Josiah
Wade, William
Wade, Zephamiah
Wethington, Jesse

Done in the presence of John Beasley & Jas. Tittle

When the first court was organized July 1798 the commissioners appointed were: James Scott, Henry Massie and Joseph Darlington and the assessors appointed were: Simeon Reeder, Aaron Moore, Noble Grimes, James Edison, Thomas Dick and John Watts.

Some who paid taxes in 1798 were:

Armstron, Aaron
Burns, John
Conrod, John
Dunavan, Amos
Garey, John
Garvey, John
Graves, John
Lewis, Philip
Mitchell, Robert
Newman, Wm.
Queen, Elijah
Ralston, Robert
Rex, George
Rupe, David
Sanders. John
Stultz, Michael
Tolbert, Thomas
Wolsey, Joseph