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Eloquent Oration

Andrew Frost, James Frost, Jr., a Sis Frost and Margaret Case, were brought before Squire Thoroman, on last Sabbath, charged with house breaking and theft. Counselor J.N. Hook, appeared for the prosecution, Attorney General Joseph Wisecup, for the defense.

After a careful examination of the witnesses, the walls of the court room were made to echo with the eloquence of the above named attorneys. Brother Hook, no doubt, made the finest argument of his life, and so carried away the people by his eloquence that, had it been possible, we are afraid they would have lynched the offenders of the law.

But ah! when the Attorney General arose to his feet so that his stately form and noble countenance could be seen from all parts of the densely crowded room, silence for a moment ensued. All eyes were rivited upon him and tears were dried up. He first raised his brave right hand and brushed his beautiful locks back from his classic forehead, and then from his rosy lips burst forth the most powerful and impressive argument we have ever heard. Yea, superior to any ever before offered at the American bar. This voice was like the strain from a beautiful instrument of music, and his countenance as one inspired. His frame seemed to expand until he became a Hercules in appearance. Thus he continued for the space of half an hour when boquets of dogfennel and smart-weed were showered down upon him from the gallery.

Consequently he was victorious and the parties were acquitted.

SOURCE: The Adams County New Era - West Union OH; November 9, 1877