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1821 Letter of John Hoy

Manchester July 24th 1821

Dear Sir with both pleasure and pain I reply to your favour of 30th June Dully came to hand me on 7th July just the next day I started my last to you. we are all well at present thank god for his kindness which he is bestowing upon us daily hopeing the may find you and all your family well. Dear Sir I should not have written to you so soon but thought it my duty to answer your last in regard to flouer. I think I cannot at this time better your case flouer is selling here at $10 per barrel about 6 week since it was selling for $7 & 8. takeing every thing into view risk and all I think it not best to send any at this time I should be very willing to accomodate you if I thought it advisable. the tell me that a small quantity of flouer very likely to be miscaried, if however at any time hereafter that there might be an advantage in sending any to you I should be at your call, provision as I stated before never was so scarce here since I know the place, but thank god we have a very good prospect for good crops here this hearvest. I never saw better wheat on the Breidenbaugh farm then is this season we have had no rain of any account for better than two weeks here, I must inform you of the death of Jacob Hollingers wife. She died on Tuesday last and intered on Wednesday following. She had been ill for some time past. Dear friend I did not read your letter without sympathising with you and your family in your disconted state of life in regard to the country. ???? words in consolation to you if it should be so that you would not become better contented with the country I would advise you for not to stay there for unless a person is contented with the people and ountry in which the live they had much better be no more. if it should happen that you would remove to our place again I am certain or at least almost so that there is not one person here that would dislike to see you here again if there is any I will give you my word of honor that I am not one of them, however I think you will get to like the country better after awhile this has been the witest and most changeable season here I ever saw until about two week as respects the Rosetta affair it is the same as I stated to you before I persume it is arranged if not as I told you before I will give your timely notice, the people here are just beginning to cut their rye the heat in general will not be ripe for two weeks. Mr. Klinediust offers to sell for the same that he give he cannot live here there is to many ornary people here for him. I cannot give you any credit for the change you made on your place in regard to neighborship. I showed your letter to your Mother In Law as you requested me to do. it appeared to give her some disatisfaction. I recd a letter from Lefever not long since they are all well and well contented - I still purpose coming to the wist in the fall but exactly what time I cannot say. your friends as far as I know are all well at present. nothing more at present but rimains your true and affectionate friend and humble servant.

John Hoy
Mr Colonel [Thomas] Eisenhouer
New Rochester
Pood [sic; Wood] County, Ohio

This letter has been folded over and then sealed with wax and cost 12½ cents to mail. I'm not sure if he was dotting some of his Es - such as west not wist and remains not rimains.