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Christena Shupert Birthday

On last Monday morning, a company of relatives and friends, numbering nearly one hundred persons, surprised Mrs. Christena Shupert at the residence of her son, John, near this place, it being the 79th anniversary of her birth. Mrs. Shupert is a remarkably well preserved old German lady, who came to this country some forty-five years ago with her husband, Christophe Shupert, and her two daughters. At that time, steam ships were unknown and the voyage in the stearage cabin of a sailing vessel was a long, rough, tedious and wearisome experience. During her residence in the United States of 45 years, many have been the changes that she has passed through. Her son, John, was added to the family about three years after arrival. She has seen her children grow up to man and womanhood; has seen them married and the husbands of each of her daughters close their eyes in death; has been present at the birth, assisted at the marriage, and performed the last sad duties at the death of many of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and only awaits the summons that will call her to join the innumerable multitudes that have gone before. The celebration was a surprise and a pleasant one, the only regret being that so many of the grandchildren were necesarily absent. Many presents were received which are greatly prized as momentos of respect and esteem. A beautiful feast was had, of which all heartily partook. After dinner, several hours were spent in social conversations and relating old-time reminiscences until the company slowly dispersed to their respective homes. May there be many happy returns of the anniversary is the wish of all.

September, 1895