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Adams County, Ohio Family Bibles


Peter Patrick Armstrong is the son of John Armstrong and Catherine Hughes. He was born Feb. 1, 1845 in Bratton twp., Adams Co, Ohio
Losh (Aloysius Noble Armstrong) born July 2, 1854

Peter Patrick Armstrong and Sarah Malinda White were married Sept. 29, 1867.

Sarah Malinda White was born July 6, 1843

The following were their children

     John Arthur Armstrong b. July 9, 1868 and died Jan. 17, 1871
     Job W. Armstrong born Jan. 1870
     Nancy Catherine and Thomas William (twins) b Mar. 19, 1875
     Thomas Wm. Died the same day.

Sarah Malinda (White) Armstrong died Aug. 5, 1889

Peter Patrick Armstrong and Margaret Ann McClure were married at the Highland House, Hillsboro, Ohio, Oct. 29, 1891
Philip Henry and Mate, a boy were born Aug. 3, 1892 (Mate died at birth)
Margaret Anne (McClure)Armstrong died Aug 12 1892

Peter Patrick Armstrong and Nelly Jane West were married Apr. 13, 1899

     (Their Children)
          Ethel Elizabeth Armstrong b. May 24, 1906
          Esther Marie Armstrong b. Apr. 13, 1909
          Clara Edna Armstrong b. Nov. 25, 1913

Job W. Armstrong and Catherine Jane Rhoads were married Aug. 11, 1899
Nancy Catherine Armstrong and Issac Newton Wallace were married Nov. 17, 1899
Ethel Elizabeth Armstrong and Norman A. Fischer were married Sept. 11, 1925 in Richmond, Ind.

Georgie Anne Fischer b July 26, 1928, Edison Ave., Dayton, Ohio

Nov. 6, 1883

A general visit - by the farm. Living - two sons and two daughters of 
James and Hannah Hughes who were Natives of Ireland, County Armagh, Parish
Lough Gilley, the Townsend of Megatone (probably Maytone). They came to
The United States of America. Father in the Spring of 1817 and Mother,
John and Anne May 29, 1818. Peter, Philip, and Catherine in the summer of
1819. Uncle Edward Hughes and his wife and two of their children came
with Peter, Philip and Catherine. Father paid all their voyages. We settled in Virginia
and in 1820 we came to Ohio, Highland County. The names of the family living and now 
present are John L. Hughes, James P. Hughes, Maria (Hughes) Welsh ??????, Elizabeth 
Hughes and Jane Hughes. Elizabeth Hughes is the wife of John L. Hughes and Jane is the 
wife of James P. Hughes. John Armstrong is the husband of Catherine (Hughes) 
Armstrong. We are all in fair health and pretty well satisfied with life and its sweetness.

Notes by original transcriber (Mrs. J.J. Schmalstig): This is the family record from the Bible owned by Peter Patrick Armstrong who lived in Bratton twp. Adams Co, Ohio. The title page is missing. The above is an extract copy except for words in parenthesis for clarity.