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Adams County, Ohio Military History

Civil War: Second Regiment Ohio Volunteer Heavy Artillery

Company B

This regiment was organized at Camp Dennison OH from Jun-Sep 1863 to serve three years. It was mustered out of the service 23 Aug 1865. Company B of this regiment was mustered in 05 Aug 1863 at Camp Dennison and sent to Covington Barracks KY; thence on 05 Sep to Bowling Green KY. It lay here until 26 May 1864, when it moved to Charleston TN. On 03 Aug, the company was at Cleveland TN and took part in an engagement at that place on 17 Aug. On 19 Aug, the company moved to Fort Saunders and Knoxville, and on 18 Nov 1864, moved to open communications with the Union forces at Strawberry Plains. On 20 Nov 1864, it returned to Knoxville, and on 07 Dec marched to Bean's Station TN. On 29 Dec 1864, it again returned to Knoxville, moving immediately thereafter to Camp Rothrock and Fort Byington. It mustered out 23 Aug 1865 at Nashville TN

The original officers were Phillip Rothrock, captain, died 12 Oct 1864, of wounds received 17 Aug 1864 in the battle of Cleveland TN. Isaac J. Vance was first lieutenant; Emory Golden, first lieutenant; Corwin Wick, second lieutenant; Francis Reichman, second lieutenant.

The following-were the casualties in the company:

Lewis Bunn 03 Oct 1863 died at Bowling Green KY
Barnabas M. Coleman 07 Jan 1865 died at Knoxville TN
John W. Corwin 07 Dec 1864 died at Knoxville TN
Daniel Emrie 05 Sep 1864 died at Charleston TN
John Evans 27 Jun 1864 died at Charleston TN
Nathan Fassett 15 Dec 1865 died at his home in OH
John M. Hart 16 Apr 1865 died at Knoxville TN
David R. Hoffman 02 Sep 1864 died at Cleveland TN
John Meister 07 Sep 1864 died at Cleveland TN
Robert A. Naylor 25 Jun 1864 accidentally drowned at Charleston TN
Samuel C. Off 08 Mar 1864 died at Bowling Green KY
Charles D. Perrine 25 Jul 1864 died at Charleston TN
Phillip Rothrock, captain 18 Oct 1864 died at Cleveland TN
David Ruble 23 Sep 1863 died at Bowling Green KY
James F. Snook 11 Jul 1865 died at Knoxville KY
Silas M. Thomas 13 Aug 1864 died at Cleveland TN
Charles Wood 14 Jan 1864 died at Bowling Green KY of accidental wounds

from its earliest settlement to the present time including character sketches of the prominent persons identified with the first century of the county's growth and containing numerous engravings and illustrations
Nelson W. Evans and Emmons B. Stivers [1900, West Union OH]