Adams County History & Genealogy

Adams County, Ohio Military History

Civil War: Thirty-Third O.V.I.

Company B

This company was raised in Adams County. It was mustered in the service 27 Aug 1861 at Portsmouth OH to serve for three years. The original officers were Ephriam J. Ellis, captain; Edwin M. DeBruin, first lieutenant; Ellis A. Ramsey, second lieutenant. Captain Ellis was promoted to Major 16 Jan 1863, and DeBruin to Captain at the same date. Ellis A. Ramsey was made first lieutenant 16 Jan 1863, and William Baldwin was made second lieutenant the same date. The regiment participated in the following battles:

Perryville KY 08 Oct 1862
Chickamauga GA 19-20 Sep 1863
Lookout Mountain TN 24 Nov 1863
Mission Ridge TN 25 Nov 1863
Resaca GA 13-16 May 1864
Cassville GA 19-22 May 1864
Kenesaw Mountain GA 09-30 Jun 1864
Peachtree Creek GA 20 Jul 1864
Jonesboro GA 31 Aug-02 Sep 1864
Atlanta GA 28 Jul-02 Sep September 2, 1864
Averysboro NC 16 Mar 1865
Bentonville NC 19-21 Mar 1865
Goldsboro NC 21 Mar 1865

The following were killed in battle or died in the service:

Ephraim J. Ellis 20 Sep 1863 killed at Chickamauga
Spencer H. Wilson, first sergeant, son of Honorable John T. Wilson 04 Mar 1862 died at Louisville KY
Samuel Anderson, sergeant, 09 Jul 1864 died at Camp Dennison OH
Samuel Pullin, corporal, 04 Aug 1864 died as prisoner at Andersonville GA
George A. Bryan 20 Apr 1864 died as prisoner at Danville VA
Luther Bentley 04 Jun 1862 died at Elizabethtown KY
Isaac Black 26 Dec 1861 died at Louisville KY
Henry C. Bryan 14 May 1864 killed at Resaca GA
Ashbury Evans 08 Oct 1862 killed at Perryville KY
Charles Fetters 31 Dec 1862 Stone River
Isaac Fretz 05 Jun 1865 died of disease at Long Island NY
Daniel H. Grimes 04 Jan 1862 died at home
Daniel Grimes 09 Aug 1864 died of wounds received at Atlanta GA
Richard Hagerman 23 Jan 1865 died in prison
Ransom I Hodges 23 Jun 1862 died at Huntsville AL
Moses E. Hempleman 19 Feb 1863 died at Murfreesboro TN
Richard Hagerman 23 Jan 1865 died in prison at Andersonville GA
Isaac N. McNown 04 Mar 1862 died at Elizabethtown KY
Jacob W. E. McCormick 04 May 1864 died at Andersonville GA
Manley Bennett 03 Apr 1865 died of wounds received at the battle of Bentonville
Henry Pierce 23 Oct 1863 died of wounds received in action at Chattanooga TN
Joseph Parker, Jr. 22 Jul 1864 killed in battle at Atlanta GA
William H. Richards 20 Jun 1864 died in prison
William F. Rankins 08 Nov 1862 died at Huntsville AL
Moses Starrett 07 Jan 1865 died at Louisville KY
John Thompson 17 Apr 1864 died on flag of truce boat at Fortress Monroe VA
John M. Vanderman 31 Dec 1862 killed at Stone River
Ezra Whitees 10 Dec 1863 died at Chattanooga TN of wounds
William Walker 08 Jan 1862 died at Louisville KY
Henry C. Walker 16 Apr 1862 died at Huntsville AL
Aaron Whaley 24 Dec 1862 died at New Albany IN

There is no separate record of those wounded or who recovered.

Six of this company were captured at the battle of Chickamauga. Of those who were captured and who survived are: Daniel R. Shriver, first sergeant;. William F. Grierson, sergeant; William E. Howell. John B. Seeman was captured 23 Mar 1865 at Goldsboro NC. Gen. Joshua W. Sill, killed at Stone River, was the first colonel of this regiment, and Oscar F. Moore succeeded him.

F. B. Mussey was the original surgeon of the regiment. John Wills Kendrick, the original adjutant of the regiment, is the Bishop of Arizona of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Albert G. Byers was the original chaplain. Captain Ellis A. Ramsey is living at Washington Court House, manager for Southern Ohio of the Union Central Life Insurance Company.

from its earliest settlement to the present time including character sketches of the prominent persons identified with the first century of the county's growth and containing numerous engravings and illustrations
Nelson W. Evans and Emmons B. Stivers [1900, West Union OH]