Adams County History & Genealogy

Adams County, Ohio Military History

Civil War: Thirty-Ninth O.V.I.

Company I

This company was organized in Aug 1861. Reverend David C. Benjamin, a Methodist minister on the West Union circuit, was the original captain, and Fletcher Hypes, another Methodist minister on the same circuit, was first lieutenant. Nathan R. Thompson, of Winchester, was the second lieutenant. Most of the company enlisted on 04 Jul 1861. This was the celebrated Groesbeck Regiment of Cincinnati. John Groesbeck was the original colonel. Edward F. Noyes, afterwards general, was the second colonel, and Henry T. McDowell, of Portsmouth, was the first lieutenant colonel. Benjamin W. Chidlaw was chaplain till 01 Apr 1862. Company A of this regiment was from Portsmouth Ohio. The following is the list of battles in which the regiment participated:

New Madrid MO 03-05 Mar 1862
New Madrid MO 13 Mar 1862
Island No. 10 TN 08 Apr 1862
Iuka MS 19-20 Sep 1862
Corinth MS 03-04 Oct 1862
Parker's Cross Roads TN 30 Dec 1862
Atlanta Campaign 05 May-08 Sep 1864
Resaca GA 13-16 May 1864
Dallas GA 25 May-04 Jun 1864
Kenesaw Mountain GA 09-30 Jun 1864
Nickajack Creek GA 02-05 Jul 1864
Chattahoochee River GA 06-10 Jul 1864
Peach Tree Creek GA 20 Jul 1864
Atlanta GA 22 Jul 1864
Jonesboro GA 31 Aug-01 Sep 1864
Lovejoy Station GA 02-06 Sep 1864
River's Bridge SC 03-09 Feb 1865
Cheraw SC 02-03 Mar 1865
Bentonville NC 19-21 Mar 1865

The following were the causalities:

George W. Hetherington 26 Jan 1862 died at Palmyra MO
David Irwin 18 Jul 1862 died at Corinth MS
Samuel A. Kelley, corporal 18 Aug 1864 died at the battle of Atlanta GA
Benjamin F. Kilgore 22 Jul 1864 died at the battle of Atlanta GA
John M. McNeil, private 16 Oct 1862
John Massie, private 18 Sep 1862 died at Jackson TN
Joseph P. Nesbit 11 Dec 1864 killed in action near Savannah GA
John H. Parks, private 07 Jul 1864 died of wounds received at Nickajack GA
James H. Stewart, private 23 May 1862 died at his home in Manchester OH
William K. Walker, private 16 Mar 1863 died of disease

George Gerhorn, corporal, was wounded in service; William E. McNeil, corporal, was wounded 04 Jul 1861 in the battle of Atlanta GA; John B. Douglas, private, was captured near Savannah GA; and Henry C. Foster, private, was wounded 22 Jul 1864, in the battle of Atlanta GA.