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Adams County, Ohio Military History

Civil War: Seventieth Regiment O.V.I.

This regiment was organized in 1861 at West Union OH. It had its rendezvous at the old fairgrounds, lying on the Maysville and Zanesville turnpike, named Camp Hamer, in honor of General Thomas L. Hamer, of Georgetown OH, who was in the Mexican War. The regiment remained there during the months of Oct-Dec 1861, and moved to Ripley OH 25 Dec 1861. There it remained in camp until 18 Feb 1862. The regiment was formed of Adams County men, except one company from Brown County and two from Hamilton County.

The original field officers were: Joseph R. Cockerill, colonel; Dewitt C. Loudon, lieutenant colonel; John W. McFerran, major; Henry L. Phillips, first lieutenant and adjutant; Israel H. DeBruin, quartermaster; John M. Sullivan, chaplain; Charles H. Swain, surgeon; Thomas Ferrell, assistant surgeon; Robert H. Von Harlinger and Frederick Jaeger, assistant surgeons.

Colonel Cockerill resigned 13 Apr 1864, and Lieutenant Colonel Dewitt C. Loudon was promoted to colonel. He resigned 09 Aug 1864. Major McFerran died 03 Oct 1862 at Fort Pickering, near Memphis TN. William B. Brown was the second major. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel 26 Apr 1864 and was killed 03 Aug 1864 in battle near Atlanta. Thomas Brown was the third major, promoted from captain of Company H.

Surgeon Charles H. Swain resigned 03 Aug 1863, and Robert R. Von Harlinger was appointed in his place and served during the remaining service of the regiment. Frederick Jaeger was an assistant surgeon, appointed 07 Sep 1862, and resigned 29 Jan 1864. Andrew Urban was the second adjutant, and Lindsey L. Edgington the third adjutant. Reverend H. I. DeBruin, quartermaster, resigned 02 Jun 1863, and John Heaton was appointed in his place, followed by Charles A. Grimes and Francis Rickards. Joseph Blackburn, captain of Company F, was the first chaplain. He resigned 28 Aug 1862, and was followed by John M. Sullivan, who resigned 16 Jan 1864.

The original officers of Company A: W. B. Brown, captain; Lewis Love, first lieutenant; Brice Cooper, second lieutenant. This company was raised about Winchester, Fincastle, and North Liberty.

Company B: James F. Summers, captain; Samuel G. Richards, first lieutenant; William P. Spurgeon, second lieutenant. This company was raised about Locust Grove and in the northeastern part of the county.

Company C: Reason T. Naylor, captain; Valentine Zimmerman, first lieutenant; W. R. Stewart, second lieutenant. This company was raised in Monroe Township and in the vicinity of West Union.

Company D: Charles Johnson, captain; Samuel M. Woodruff, first lieutenant; Joseph W. Denham, second lieutenant. This company was raised in Cincinnati, Hamilton County.

Company E: John T. Wilson, captain; John Campbell, first lieutenant; Joseph. Spurgeon, second lieutenant. This company was raised in the vicinity of Tranquility, Eckmansville, and North Liberty.

Company F: Joseph Blackburn, captain; James Drennen, first lieutenant; Isaac W. Adams, second lieutenant. This company was raised in the western part of Adams County and Brown County.

Company G: N. W. Foster, captain; John H. Truitt, first lieutenant; John Nelson, second lieutenant. This company was raised around Manchester, Stout's Run, and Gift Ridge.

Company H: Benjamin F. Wiles, captain; William H. Herbert, first lieutenant; John Taylor, second lieutenant. This company was raised in the western part of Adams County and the eastern part of Brown County.

Company I: Daniel B. Carter, captain; Joinville Reiff, first lieutenant; George A. Foster, second lieutenant. This company was raised in Hamilton County.

Company K: Felix Slone, captain; William R. Harmon, first lieutenant; Amos F. Ellis, second lieutenant. This company was from Brown County.

The first soldier from Adams County killed in battle was William J. Ellis from Company G, killed at Shiloh on 06 Apr 1862.

The first soldier of Adams County wounded was Henry Kress from Manchester, wounded in the battle of Shiloh on the same morning. The following is a list of the battles in which the regiment participated:

Shiloh TN 06-07 Apr 1862
Russell House 17 May 1862
Battle of Resaca 07 May 1864
Siege of Corinth begins 29 Apr 1862
Capture of Corinth 30 May 1862
Capture of Holly Springs MS 01 Jul 1862
Captured cannon and ammunition at Fort Randolph MS 01 Oct 1862
Siege of Vicksburg 20 Jun-04 Jul 1863
Jackson MS 09-16 Jul 1863
Black River MS 05 Jul 1863
Chattanooga TN 23 Nov 1863
Battle of Missionary Ridge 25 Nov 1863
Knoxville Raid Month of Dec 1863
Dallas GA 25 May-04 Jun 1864
Champion Hills 16 May 1863
New Hope Church GA 02 Jun 1864
Big Shanty 08 Jun 1864
Little Kenesaw Mountain GA 20 Jun 1864
Kenesaw Mountain GA 30 Jun 1864
Atlanta GA 22 Jul 1864
Ezra Church GA 28 Jul 1864
Jonesboro GA 28 Jul-02 Sep 1864
Lovejoy Station GA 02-06 Sep 1864
Statesboro GA 04 Dec 1864
Fort McAllister GA 13 Dec 1864
Rome GA Oct 1864
Aversboro NC 16-20 Mar 1865
Bentonville NC 19-21 Mar 1865
Raleigh's March to the Sea
Little Rock AR Aug 1865

Two hundred and forty-four died of disease or were killed in battle. Of this number sixty-one were killed in battle or died of wounds. The following is a list of the members of the regiment, except from Companies D I and K, who were killed in battle or died in the service.


Robert B. Baird 06 Apr 1865 died of wounds
George Baker, sergeant May 21, 1862
Charles S. Ball 17 Apr 1862 killed in battle
George W. Bartholomew 19 Nov 1861
Corwin Bell 04 Jun 1865
Wm.. H. H. Black 25 Nov 1864
James M. Brady 11 Jul 1864
Erwin A. Brattin 30 Jan 1863
Jesse M. Breckenridge 17 May 1862
Austin Brewer 25 Mar 1864
John W. Burba 01 Apr 1862
Robert W. F. Carl 05 Jun 1864
John H. Corbin 28 Feb 1862
Washington I. Foster 01 Dec 1863
Boon Funk 22 Jul 1864 killed in battle
John A. Hamilton 10 Jan 1863
Jackson Harvey 12 Jun 1862
Edward Hasson 25 Nov 1863
Christian Holmes 23 Mar 1865
Jonathan M. Howland 12 Jun 1864 died of wounds
Elias H. Kines 18 Apr 1864
James B. Lamonda 25 May 1864
John P. Liggette 28 Jul 1864 killed in battle of Ezra Church GA
Daniel Lyons, sergeant 19 Sep 1864 died of wounds
Thomas McBride 02 Jun 1864 killed in the battle of New Hope Church GA
Robert J. McKnight Mar 1864 killed in railroad accident
William H. Marlott 13 Oct 1862
George E. Maun 10 Dec 1864
William R. Maxwell 02 Dec 1864
Andrew Morris 07 Apr 1962 killed in battle
Henry C. Morris, corporal 14 Dec 1864 died of wounds
William W. Myers 24 Nov 1864
John H. Nevel 13 Sep 1862
Francis A. Purdin 23 May 1864
John H. Ramsey 05 Jun 1862
John Reed 12 Jan 1862
Tarry W. Reed 16 May 1864
Hiram S. Reeves 10 Jun 1864
John T. Rhodes 11 Feb 1864
Thomas Robinson 26 Jul 1862
Isaac Shankel 28 Jul 1864 killed in battle of Ezra Church GA
Louis J. Skinner 13 Sep 1862
Henry L. Smith, corporal 11 Sep 1863
James M. Stultz 03 Apr 1862
Byron Swisher 03 Jun 1862
John M. Thompson, 24 Mar 1865 captured Dec 1864 at Statesboro GA and died in Rebel Prison
Samuel Thompson 10 Mar 1865
George W. Walker 03 Dec 1863
Madison Walker 18 Sep 1863
Nathaniel W. Williams 29 Jan 1863

Company B

James Alexander 04 Jul 1863 killed
John Baggott 06 Apr 1862
William T. Buck 19 Aug 1863
George Compton 13 Jun 1862
John D. Compton, 13 Dec 1864 killed
William A. Cook 07 Apr 1862
John L. Dillinger 15 Aug 1864 killed
Sylvester G. Francis 07 Apr 1862
Isaac Howsier 07 Feb 1863
Henry Jackson 05 Jul 1862
Henry J. Jackson 15 May 1862
Daniel Lighter 08 Oct 1863
John McMillen 28 Jul 1864
Samuel M. Matthias 20 Sep 1863
John Moder 19 Feb 1865 died of wounds
John Moomaw 02 May 1862
Samuel Newman 20 Apr 1862
Alexander Parker 27 May 1862 died of wounds
Louis F. Shafer 29 Jun 1864 died of wounds
James F. Summers, captain 28 Jul 1864 killed
John. F. Tarleton, corporal 21 May 1862
Philip B. Taylor 28 Aug 1862
James Tener, corporal 13 Mar 1862
John M. Thompson, corporal 04 Apr 1862
Jacob Wright 08 Dec 1864
Milton Yanky 25 Dec 1861
Thomas W. Young 14 Apr 1863
John E. Zinkhorn 28 May 1863

Company C

Benjamin Ayers 02 Sep 1862
Hiram Carter 22 May 1862
John H. Duffey died in Rebel prison
Robert B. Fitch died of disease
Andrew J. Griffith 17 Apr 1863
Henry Grooms 23 Mar 1864
Uriah W. Irvin, corporal 10 Sep 1862
Nathan Mahaffey 13 Dec 1864 killed
Samuel S. Mahaffey 06 Apr 1862 killed
Elias Matheny 29 Jun 1864
Daniel Nicholas 25 Mar 1864
William Potts died at Big Black River MS
George Purtee 05 Jul 1862
John Purtee 25 Aug 1863
William Roder 20 Oct 1863
Davis Roderick, sergeant 13 Dec 1864 killed
John Rathwell 17 May 1862 died in Rebel prison
Frederick Siberal 10 Jun 1865
Abner Smalley 14 Aug 1864
Charles Taylor died at home
John Thornburg, corporal died of wounds
Jefferson Waldren 24 Jul 1862
David Wales 29 May 1862
David Wilmoth 03 Jul 1864

Company E

Cyrus Allison, first sergeant 25 Jun 1862
Jacob T. Baldridge, corporal 17 Aug 1864 killed
James F. Batson 17 Aug 1864 killed
Alexander Brown, corporal 06 Sep 1863
Michael F. Duffey, corporal 20 Jul 1862 killed
Joseph L. Glasgow 28 Oct 1862
James S. Hamilton 02 Jul 1864 killed
Samuel M. Hamilton 08 Apr 1862 killed
William M. Hamilton 24 May 1862
Nathan P. Harsha 09 Oct 1863
John M. Humes 05 May 1862
John C. McClure 06 Sep 1862
William W. McFadden 28 Mar 1864
George C. McGinness 07 Jun 1862
Abraham Maxwell 06 Apr 1862 killed
William Mercer 03 Jul 1862
Samuel H. Moore 13 Jan 1863
Thomas Moore 17 Jul 1863
Joseph A. Rodgers 16 Apr 1862 died of wounds
William Seaton 14 Apr 1862
Joseph L. Shinn 19 May 1862
Thomas Sheffler 28 Jul 1864
Louis V. Srebenthall 13 Feb 1865
David W. Vance 02 May 1862
Sharezer Walt 13 Aug 1864
Sampson Walker 02 Jun 1864
David C. Young, sergeant 15 Mar 1862

Company F

Marion Brinker 15 Dec 1864 died of wounds
William B. Brown 03 Aug 1864 killed
John S. Burbage 18 Jun 1862
James Cochran 27 Sep 1864
Wilson M. Ellis 28 Jun 1862
William Gettis 14 Jul 1863
Oliver Gray 22 Jun 1862
Thomas E. Grier, first sergeant 28 Nov 1864 died of wounds
Marquis D. L. Hare, captain 21 Mar 1865 killed
Wilson Haysleet 06 Oct 1854
Benjamin F. Jacobs 10 Jun 1862
Presley J. Lane, corporal 19 Apr 1862 died of wounds
Richard E. Lytle 10 May 1862
John W. McFerren, major 02 Oct 1862
Alexander C. Neal 13 Sep 1862
John L. Swisher 30 Jan 1863
Nelson B. Thompson, sergeant 12 Jun 1863
Andrew Urban, adjutant 03 Sep 1864 killed
William H. Vaugh 18 Jul 1862

Company G

Bryon Best 29 May 1865
Samuel Bradford 01 Oct 1862
Casper Dougal 02 Jun 1862
William J. Ellis 06 Apr 1862 killed
George Elrod 13 Nov 1962
Thomas C. Elrod, corporal 30 Oct 1862
James H. Fields, corporal 09 Aug 1864 killed
HenryHayslip 24 Aug 1864 died of wounds
James W. Hayslip 03 Aug 1864
Nelson Hempleman 18 Aug 1864 died of wounds
Noah T. Jones, musician 04 Dec 1862
Alexander Little, corporal 22 Apr 1862 died of wounds
Joseph Little 25 Oct 1863
James W. McDaniel 01 Jun 1862
Edwin C. Marsh 22 Sep 1864
Alexander Ralsin 30 Jul 1863
William Rape 18 May 1862
Aaron Robuck 23 Jan 1863
Rerlemon Ryan 31 May 1864
James Shelton 22 May 1862
Joseph R. Shively 06 Apr 1862 killed
Matthew Tucker 27 May 1862
Abraham Watson 17 Oct 1864
James Watson 19 Mar 1862
John Robuck Aug 1865 drowned in the Ohio River 80 miles below Louisville KY while on the way home

Company H

Jacob Beam 09 Sep 1862
Harrison Bowman 13 May 1862
Samuel Brady 30 Sep 1864 died of wounds
James Fryar 18 Jul 1862
Augustus Gill 27 Apr 1862 captured 06 Apr 1862 and died in captivity
Henry H. Gray 11 Apr 1864
William H. Greenlee 31 Mar 1862
Jesse L. Howland 24 Mar 1862
Alexander Hudson 28 Dec 1862
Michael Joyce 28 Dec 1863
Charles Junnper, sergeant 01 Mar 1864
James Kilgore 28 May 1864 died of wounds
David King
Thomas Laughlin 16 Oct 1862
Valentine Miller 17 Oct 1863
William A. Ramsey 13 Oct 1863 died of wounds
George R. Shafer 11 Jan 1864
James Smith 31 Oct 1862
Martin Smith 09 May 1863
William Sullivan 15 Jan 1862
David Thatcher 18 Jul 1865
James O. Thoroman Sep 1863
Stephen Tucker 20 May 1862

The Seventieth Ohio Infantry was organized by J. R. Cockerill of West Union. This regiment was formed 01 Oct 1861. Its place of rendezvous was situated on the old fairgrounds at West Union, and was named in honor of Gen. Thomas L. Hamer. The camp guard lines followed the old fairground fence and the tents stood about half-way between where the late residence of Jacob Woods stands and the entrance to the grounds on the east. The regiment drilled in the field to the south of the present site of Shuster Brothers Mills. During dress parade, Colonel Cockeril stood and gave command from a position about midway between two large locust trees that stand along the street or lane leading from near the present residence of Mrs. John Leonard to the old fairground gate. While the regiment was located at West Union, the patriotic citizens and relatives of the soldier boys visited them daily and brought the soldiers clothing, food and furniture and other camp comforts. The regiment did not have any guns until about its departure from Paducah for the battle field at Shiloh. It had done military duty of all kinds, except fighting, without arms. Each soldier had a stick on the end of which was fastened an old bayonet.

On 25 Dec 1861, the regiment marched from Camp Hamer to Ripley, one division going via Bentonville and Aberdeen and thence by boat to Ripley; and the other division marching over the old State road via Decatur. Companies D and I of Cincinnati joined the regiment at Ripley, where it remained until 17 Feb 1862, when it boarded the old steamer Magnolia for Cincinnati. From Cincinnati it was ordered to Paducah, where it went into camp, and remained until the movement was begun up the Tennessee toward Shiloh. The regiment participated in the battle of Shiloh and was complimented by General Sherman for valiant service rendered on that bloody field. It is related that before the battle, the Confederates had planned an assault on the Federal forces to be made on Saturday. The regiment had taken position near the landing of Shiloh, had stacked arms and begun preparations for dinner. Major McFerren with seven men advanced, but he had not gone far, when suddenly came the challenge "Halt! who comes there?" Quick as a flash, the doughty little major answered, "The advanced guard of the army of the United States." "The hell you say." The Rebel picket discharged his musket aimlessly, and precipitately retreated toward the Confederate lines. This incident delayed the Confederate advancement until Sunday morning, and as seen in the light of history, saved the Federal forces from certain defeat.

From the advance sheets of A History of the Seventieth Regiment, by T. W. Connolly, we glean the following, deemed worthy of a place here:

The first man of the regiment killed in battle was William J. Ellis of Company H, at Shiloh, Sunday morning, 06 Apr 1862. The second capture from the regiment was made near Shiloh on 04 Apr 1862, when Lieutenant W. H. Herbert, Co. H, Jesse McKinley, George Lowery, J. M. Sutton, Thomas Everton, Samuel Cox, William Mc. and Paul Gaddis were made prisoners on picket line. On 09 May 1862, between Shiloh and Corinth, the regiment received its first pay in silver and gold.

At the storming of Fort McAllister on 13 Dec 1864, the 70 OVI flag was first placed on the fort and this was done seven minutes after commencing. As a recognition of bravery, this regiment had the honor of manning the fort for one month afterward.

On 05 Feb 1864, it was mustered out at Little Rock AR. On 14 Aug 1865, about three hundred were still left to march from Bufort to take part in the grand review at Washington at the close of the war. It took part in thirty-five battles and skirmishes. The regiment came to Camp Dennison after being mustered out and every man received his discharge and last pay.

After the regiment was mustered out at Little Rock, while coming up on the Ohio River from Cairo on the steamer Argosa, and eighty miles below Louisville, near Cave Rock, the mud drum of the boat burst while a severe storm was raging, at which time twenty-three members of the regiment were scalded severely and nine were drowned in the river.

from its earliest settlement to the present time including character sketches of the prominent persons identified with the first century of the county's growth and containing numerous engravings and illustrations
Nelson W. Evans and Emmons B. Stivers [1900, West Union OH]