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Adams County, Ohio Military History

Revolutionary War Soldiers: Service and Information

It has been a very great labor to secure the information given below. In the state library is a list of the revolutionary soldiers of Adams County, on continental line, who drew pensions. Also obtained was a list of those who served in the militia and drew pensions and the two lists are combined. The ages are either at the death of the soldier where his death is mentioned, or where it is not mentioned, the age is given as in the year 1835. The date following the age, where there is a date given, is the date the soldiers were placed on the pension roll.

Alexander, John Pennsylvania Continental 91
Brewer, Henry, Congressional Regiment 69 02 Feb 1819
Baldwin, John, private Maryland Militia 22 Jun 1833
Breedlove, John, private Virginia Militia 18 Oct 1832
Conner, William, ensign Virginia Continental 11 May 1819/22 Jul 1819
Costigan, Francis, lieutenant New Jersey Continental 84 21 Jul 1821
Copple, Daniel Pennsylvania Continental 74 died 07 Feb 1832
Cochran, John, general
Callahan, Dennis Maryland Continental 86
Cole, Ephriam, Colonel William A. Lee's regiment
Cross, Samuel, private Pennsylvania Militia 11 Jun 1832
Collings, James Fifth Maryland Continental
David, Zebediah, private Pennsylvania Militia 22 May 1833
Erwin, James, lieutenant Pennsylvania Continental 65
Edwards, Jesse, private Pennsylvania Militia 08 Aug 1833
Falls, William
Finley, J. L., major Pennsylvania Continental 73
Flood, William Virginia Continental 94
Faulker, William Pennsylvania Continental 79
Fields, Simon Virginia Continental 77
Foster, Nathaniel, private New Jersey Militia 08 Aug 1833
Gates, William Virginia Continental 74 died 29 Oct 1879
Gustin, Amos Pennsylvania Continental 68
Gordon, John Pennsylvania Continental 76
Grooms, Abraham, private Virginia Militia 16 Nov 1833
Hamilton, Charles, corporal Delaware Continental
Hull, Isaac, private New Jersey Militia 03 Jan 1834
Jack, Thomas, sergeant Pennsylvania Continental 85 died 08 Aug 1831
Laney, John Virginia Militia died in Huntington Twp; buried at Hickory Ridge
McPike, John, private Pennsylvania Militia 24 May 1833
McDaniel, Patrick Pennsylvania Continental 94
Magin, Charles Maryland Continental 82 died 23 Dec 1827
McMahan, Joseph Virginia Continental 73
Middleswart, Jacob Pennslyvania Continental
Marlatt, Thomas, private and sergeant Maryland Militia 26 Jun 1833
Miller, James, Cleutis Artillery Company
Mehaffey, John, private New Yersey MIilitia
Piatt, Benjamin
Richardson, James Virginia Continental 8o died 16 Jan 1833
Rogers, William New Jersey Continental 66
Rankin, Daniel Maryland Continental 8o
Richards, James Virginia Continental 75
Stivers, John, private Virginia Militia 07 Aug 1833
Simpson, Robert, private New Hampshire Continental 24 Sep 1819
Stevenson, Charles, private Pennsylvania Militia 25 Feb 1833
Sams, Jonas Virginia Militia
Smith, Henry
Thompson, John, private Pennsylvania Militia 21 Sep 1833
Trotter, Christopher Virginia Continental 75 died 06 May 1828
Trotter, John Virginia Continental 76 transferred from Kentucky
Usman, Charles, private Virginia Militia 12 Feb 1833
Waldson, Elizah, private
[sic; Elijah Walden]
Virginia Continental
Walker, James, private Pennsylvania Militia 08 Oct 1833
Williamson, William, private Pennsylvania Militia 08 Oct 1833
Waters, Thomas, sergeant Virginia Continental 87
Woodworth, Richard Pennsylvania Continental
Walker, Peter Pennsylvania Continental 65
Waters, Thomas, sergeant Virginia Continental 87 21 Jul 1819
Woodworth, Richard Pennsylvania Continental 79 28 Oct 1819
Walker, Peter Pennsylvania Continental 65 24 May 1820

Of this list, Major Joseph Finley and John Killin, another revolutionary soldier, are the only ones known to be buried in the old cemetery in West Union. The graves of both are marked. Most of the revolutionary soldiers in Adams County who obtained pensions did so through Wesley Lee, who acted as pension agent in West Union from about 1823, so long as pensions were obtained.

from its earliest settlement to the present time including character sketches of the prominent persons identified with the first century of the county's growth and containing numerous engravings and illustrations
Nelson W. Evans and Emmons B. Stivers [1900, West Union OH]