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McCreight Siblings

This is Minnie Ola McCreight (1869 - December 23, 1937) and some of her siblings. The submitter's grandmother circled Minnie's face with an ink pen. She only had two brothers, Jesse Ellsworth McCreight (March 4, 1864 - 1965) and Frank S. McCreight (1865 - August, 1942). They are both in this photo, but it's unknown as to which is which. The woman standing on the left is their sister, but it's unknown if it is Maggie Mae or Ella. Maggie was born in 1872 and died Jan 1950. She was married to Ralph McCreight. Ella was born in 1875. They are the children of Alexander and Ellen Snedaker McCreight. Alexander was born January 23, 1826 in SC and died December 25, 1891 in Adams Cunty. Ellen was born May 16, 1933 in Brown Co. OH and died February 7, 1904 in Adams County.